The water pump is a device with small dimensions and simple construction, but of great importance for the correct working of the engine. The function of the pump is to drive the water flow in the cooling system, and hence to keep the temperature of the drive unit at an appropriate level. The efficient operation of the engine, and in the long run also its service life, depends on an correct operating water pump. These rules apply in particular to cooling systems in construction machinery.

The most common faults of water pumps?

Water pumps installed in Kubota engines are devices with a low degree of complexity. In addition to the body, we have a rotor mounted on a bearing and a common shaft ended with a hub. Despite the small number of parts and quite a long service life (most often estimated by the manufacturer on a par with the service life of the timing drive), water pumps are prone to failures. The most common of them include:

  • coolant temperature fluctuations, caused by the breaking of the pump impeller blades (in this case it is worth checking the thermostat operation as well).
  • loss of coolant, which most often requires replacement of the seal connecting the pump with the engine block, or replacement of the pump seal.
  • noisy pump operation due to bearing wear.

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We offer water pumps and assembly gaskets for the following Kubota engines: D600, D640, D662, D722, D905, D950, D1005, D1102, D1105, D1302, D1402, D1407, D1503, D1803, D1902, D1903, D2203, V800, V1305, V1502, V1512, V1505, V1702, V1703, V1902, V2203, V2403, V2607, V3300, V3307, Z400, Z482 and other.