It is always quite a challenge to overhaul an engine in construction machine. Restoring the proper technical condition of the drive unit involves the machine shutdown, so we waste time and invest money. The extent of the renovation should always depend on the diagnostics performed. The initial one, made while the engine is running, does not always give a complete picture of the necessary scope of repair work. It often turns out that only after disassembling the engine we are forced to change the scope of repair and we have to quickly purchase the necessary components. To meet the expectations of our customers who have machines with Liebherr engines, we have introduced repair kits dedicated to the most popular models of this Swiss manufacturer.

We know how much you value the excellent quality of ProPartsDiesel products, as well as the importance of flexibility when we need a repair kit for one cylinder or when you can easily buy pistons and rings on the market, but the availability of cylinder liners and o-rings dedicated for them is limited. By choosing our brand’s complete repair kits, you also choose the constant availability of all parts and fast order fulfillment throughout Europe and in the World. Using the links below, you can purchase complete kits on our e-store.